Herbal Tincture Manufacturer

Discover the power of natural remedies with our Herbal Tincture Manufacturer services. We specialize in creating exquisite herbal tinctures, providing a smooth and personalized option for your brand. Enhance your product line with exceptional, responsibly sourced tinctures that mirror your brand’s dedication to well-being and superiority.

Tincture Manufacturing Services in the USA

ALIGEN provides the premier Tincture Manufacturing Services in the USA. Committed to excellence, innovation, and adhering to regulations, we are proud to manufacture outstanding herbal tinctures tailored for your brand. 

Our cutting-edge facilities and skilled team oversee the entire process from formulation to packaging, ensuring that your tincture products not only surpass expectations but also meet the most stringent industry benchmarks.


Are you looking to expand your brand with a custom formula?  Aligen product development services include:

  • 60-90 day production time
  • Access to over 8,000 ingredients
  • Custom Formulation & Blending
  • Bottling & Packaging Options
Capsule Manufacturing Formulation


Are you looking to expand your brand quickly with bulk stock products developed by Aligen.  Our Private Label services include:

  • 30-45 day production time
  • Access to 200+ stock formulas
  • Bottling services
  • Custom Labeling & Design (Your logo)
  • MOQ 1,000 Tinctures

ALIGEN Offers a Variety of Herbal Tincture Manufacturing

We possess a wide range of expertise encompassing different tincture types, such as single-herb formulations and bespoke blends. Our emphasis on quality, innovation, and ensuring customer contentment establishes us as your reliable ally in infusing the potency of nature into your products.

Alcohol-Based Herbal Tinctures

Alcohol-based herbal tinctures are popular for potent herbal extraction.

Glycerin-Based Herbal Tinctures

Glycerin-based herbal tinctures are alcohol-free alternatives for natural extraction.

Vinegar-Based Herbal Tinctures

Unique extraction using apple cider vinegar or other vinegars for herbal benefits.

Water-Based Herbal Tinctures

Utilizing water as a solvent for herbal extraction, providing an alternative to alcohol-based tinctures.

Single Herb Tinctures

Focused extracts of one herb, delivering targeted health benefits associated with that specific plant.

Compound Herbal Tinctures

Blending multiple herbs to create synergistic effects, offering enhanced therapeutic benefits and versatility in herbal formulations.

Fresh Plant Tinctures

Some manufacturers use fresh, undried plant material for extraction, which can capture certain volatile compounds that may be lost during the drying process.

Dried Plant Tinctures

Dried plant material is more commonly used due to its longer shelf life and consistency in active compound concentrations.

Ethically Sourced Tinctures

Ethical tincture manufacturing ensures that herbs are obtained sustainably, without causing harm to the environment or local communities.

Whole Plant Tinctures

These extracts utilize the complete plant, including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and more, during the extraction process, ensuring a comprehensive range of active compounds is captured.

Part-Specific Tinctures

Certain tinctures are crafted using particular plant parts, such as roots, leaves, or flowers, to target and emphasize the active compounds present in those specific portions.

Organic Herbal Tinctures

Some manufacturers may focus on producing organic tinctures, sourcing herbs that are cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Wildcrafted Herbal Tinctures

Some manufacturers source herbs from the wild, emphasizing the use of wildcrafted plants instead of cultivated ones.

Standardized Herbal Tinctures

These tinctures are produced to contain specific levels of key active constituents, ensuring consistent potency and efficacy across batches.

Custom Formulations

Manufacturers may offer custom formulation services, creating unique tincture blends based on clients’ specific requirements.

As a tincture manufacturer, we prioritize the meticulous selection of the most appropriate extraction method and herb variety.

Our Tincture Manufacturing Process

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Our Herbal Tincture Manufacturing process begins with a comprehensive initial consultation. We will have a comprehensive conversation about your distinct needs, objectives, and the particular herbal tinctures you intend to develop. Our panel of specialists will offer invaluable perspectives and suggestions to ensure optimal results for your products.

Step 2

Formulation Development

After gaining a clear insight into your vision, our proficient formulators will craft personalized herbal tincture formulations that perfectly align with your brand’s requirements. Meticulously handpicking premium herbs and botanicals, we consider their therapeutic properties and how they synergistically interact. Rigorous efficacy and safety testing are conducted on these formulations, ensuring outstanding results.

Step 3

Ingredient Sourcing

The utmost attention is given to procuring the finest herbal ingredients. Our team works closely with reputable suppliers who uphold stringent quality standards and ethical principles. Through responsible and sustainable sourcing practices, we safeguard the authenticity and potency of the herbs utilized in your tinctures.

Step 4

Manufacturing Process

Our advanced manufacturing facility features cutting-edge technology, and we adhere rigorously to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). A team of highly skilled technicians supervises the entire production process, guaranteeing meticulous precision, unwavering quality, and full compliance with all industry regulations. From extraction to blending, each step is meticulously executed to maintain the efficacy and purity of the tinctures.

Step 5

Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount to us. Throughout the manufacturing process, our products undergo rigorous quality checks and testing. We perform various analyses, including potency, purity, and contamination screenings to guarantee that the final product meets the highest industry standards.

Step 6

Packaging and Labeling

Our packaging experts will help you design attractive and informative labels that align with your brand’s identity. We offer various packaging options, including bottles, droppers, and custom packaging solutions, ensuring your herbal tinctures stand out in the market.

Step 7

Regulatory Compliance

Recognizing the significance of adhering to applicable regulations, we diligently keep pace with FDA guidelines and other industry requisites. This enables us to produce and label your herbal tinctures accurately and in full compliance with the law.

Step 8

Punctual Delivery

After concluding the manufacturing and quality assurance procedures, we guarantee the swift and secure delivery of your herbal tincture products.Whether you need them in bulk or in smaller quantities, we work with reliable shipping partners to get your products to your desired destination efficiently.

Step 9

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the manufacturing process. We offer ongoing support and collaboration to address any inquiries or future formulation needs.

Partner with Aligen in crafting exceptional herbal tinctures that elevate your brand and meet the demands of the ever-growing health-conscious market.

Why Select Aligen for Your Private Label Tincture Manufacturing

Choosing Aligen for your Private Label Tincture Manufacturing comes with numerous advantages that set us apart from the competition

Expertise & Experience

Aligen possesses a wealth of expertise and experience in the realm of tincture manufacturing. Our established track record reflects our proficiency in this field, and we boast a team of skilled professionals well-versed in every aspect of the production process and quality control.

Customization & Private Labeling

Aligen offers customizable tincture formulations and private label options, allowing you to create unique products under your own brand. This can save time and resources compared to starting from scratch.

Compliance & Regulations

We are knowledgeable about industry regulations and compliance standards. This helps ensure that your products meet legal requirements and quality standards.


By outsourcing tincture manufacturing to Aligen, you might benefit from economies of scale and reduced overhead costs compared to setting up your own production facility.

Quality Assurance

Aligen have quality control measures in place to ensure the consistency and safety of your products. This can bolster your brand’s reputation and foster trust among customers.

Focus on Core Competencies

By leveraging Aligen’s manufacturing capabilities, you can concentrate on your core competencies, such as marketing, sales, and customer service, thereby optimizing your overall business operations.


As your business grows, Aligen have the capacity to accommodate increasing production needs, allowing for scalability.

Before selecting any manufacturing partner, it’s essential to thoroughly research and evaluate potential companies. Consider factors such as their reputation, certifications, manufacturing capabilities, pricing, and client reviews.

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A tincture refers to a potent herbal extract created by steeping herbs in alcohol or a solvent. This process preserves the medicinal properties of the herbs while also enabling simple administration and absorption.

The time required to make a tincture can differ based on the specific herb and the desired strength. Typically, it takes approximately 2 to 6 weeks for the herbs to thoroughly extract their medicinal properties in the alcohol or solvent.

Crafting exceptional tinctures involves several key steps: utilizing premium-grade herbs, selecting the suitable solvent (e.g., alcohol or glycerin), maintaining proper ratios, and allowing ample time for extraction.

We offer a diverse range of supplements, catering to various needs, and our product selection includes tinctures among other options.

A tincture formulation involves creating a liquid herbal extract through the process of steeping plant materials in alcohol or vinegar. The formulation involves macerating the herbs in the chosen solvent to extract their medicinal properties.

Yes, tinctures are flammable as they contain alcohol.

High-proof alcohol, like vodka or Everclear, is commonly used for making tinctures due to its ability to effectively extract medicinal properties from herbs. However, glycerin and vinegar can be alternatives for alcohol-free tinctures.

Numerous herbs are suitable for making tinctures, and the selection depends on the intended medicinal properties and desired effects.