Private Label Turkesterone Supplements

Aligen offers the best quality Private Label Turkesterone Capsules and White Label Turkesterone Capsules. If you are looking to expand your brand, Turkesterone has shown to have many health benefits and a great option to provide your customers. Starting with the highest quality Turkesterone ingredients, our in-house formulators ensure purity and accuracy. These products are manufactured at our factory that is Health Department Licensed and FDA Registered through cGMP production processes.

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Private Label Turkesterone Capsules

Private Label Turkesterone Capsules

Private Label Turkesterone Capsules

Private Label Turkesterone Capsules

Turkesterone is a plant-based steroid that is most commonly extracted from the thistle herb family, such as Ajuga turkestanica. The latter is native to the Central Asian region and grows mainly on the territory of Uzbekistan. Turkesterone belongs to the ecdysteroid hormones that promote the growth of plants or insects, which makes them considered anabolic substances. Among its other representatives is also slightly more popular Ecdysterone. Ecdysteroid hormones resemble androgens in their structure and are therefore popular among athletes as a steroid replacement, and as dietary supplements to improve performance and muscle growth. And it is turkesterone that is the most effective of them, according to current knowledge.

Its chemical structure is actually similar to human testosterone, which we associate mainly with male health and also with muscle growth. This has brought turkesterone to the attention of a number of bodybuilders and other athletes who want to get the most out of themselves. This is because testosterone levels in the body naturally decline over the course of our lives. That’s why athletes seeking maximum musculature often look for ways to keep testosterone at optimal levels or increase it further, taking their form to a new level.

Free Customized Label Design
LabelingFree Customized Label Design
Dosing/Capsule500mg Turkesterone
Capsule TypeWhite/Vegetarian Shell
Bottle Count30, 60 or 90 Capsule
Minimum Order500 Bottles


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Private Label Turkesterone Capsules are supplements made by Aligen, where we provide complete turn-key products for your brand. These are fully customized with your design specifications.

White Label Turkesterone Capsules are the same terminology as Private Label  supplements made by Aligen, where we provide complete turn-key products for your brand. These are fully customized with your design specifications.

It is common that both Private Label and White Label have the same meaning, however interchangeable.  It can be thought that Private Label is a product made and custom packaged for an individual brand, whereas White Label is a product made for a group of different brands.

For certain clients we can arrange to maintain a warehouse storage and drop ship these products directly to your customers!  Please inquire with our team about opportunities.

Depending on the volume and relationship, we have the ability to Drop Ship your products directly to Amazon fulfillment centers.  Please inquire with our team about opportunities.

Yes, supplements are a general term for ingestible products with health benefits, whereas Capsules are the delivery format for intake.

Vitamins is also an interchangeable identifier of supplements in health products and similar to Capsules, Softgels and Gummies.

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Aligen is Registered with the FDA 17498598472

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Aligen is licensed with the Florida Health Department License 406414

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Aligen manufacturers our products under cGMP

Steps In The Private Label Process

Steps In The Private Label Process


1. Download Our Catalog

Start your private label supplement journey with Aligen by accessing our comprehensive product catalog featuring a range of high-quality supplements.

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2. Pick Your Product

Browse through the catalog and select the supplement product(s) that align with your brand and target market.

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3. Get Insight

Consult with our team to gain valuable insights into the selected products, their benefits, and potential market opportunities.


4. Place Order

After finalizing your product choices, place your order with Aligen to kickstart the private label manufacturing process.


5. Make Payment

Securely process the payment for your order to initiate production and formulation of your chosen supplements.


6. Label Design

Work with our experts to create customized label designs that reflect your brand identity and comply with industry regulations.

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7. Label Design Draft

Receive a draft of your label design for review and approval before proceeding to the production phase.

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8. Compliance Check

Our team conducts a thorough compliance check to ensure your supplement labels meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

Delivery and Service

9. Final Step

Once the label design is approved, and compliance is verified, your private label supplements are ready for production and distribution.