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Welcome to the realm of optimal well-being with Aligen – your premier partner in Private Label Minerals Manufacturing. As the pursuit of health-conscious products continues to grow, the significance of high-quality mineral supplements becomes paramount. At Aligen, we take immense pride in being a pioneering private label minerals manufacturer.

Private Label Vitamins Manufacturer in the USA

We’re not just manufacturers; we’re artisans of minerals, shaping each product with precision and care. As you step into this world of mineral supplements, you’re welcomed into a realm where our dedication to pushing the boundaries of production merges seamlessly with your brand’s aspirations.

Join us in crafting a narrative of well-being that’s uniquely yours, as Aligen’s prowess transforms minerals into tangible expressions of health and vitality, setting your brand on an extraordinary journey of mineral craftsmanship.

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We Make All Kinds of Private Label Vitamin Supplements

Explore Aligen’s diverse array of Private Label Mineral Supplements, each meticulously crafted to enhance well-being. Discover the range that empowers your brand’s health narrative:

Calcium Mineral Supplements

Elevate bone health with our Calcium supplement. Fortified with essential minerals, it supports strong bones and teeth, ensuring a sturdy foundation for an active lifestyle.

Magnesium Mineral Supplements

Unwind and revitalize with our Magnesium supplement. This mineral aids relaxation, muscle function, and promotes a sense of calm in the hustle of modern life.

Potassium Mineral Supplements

Maintain electrolyte equilibrium with our Potassium supplement. It aids in heart health, nerve function, and fluid balance for an active lifestyle.

Selenium Mineral Supplements

Harness the power of antioxidants with our Selenium supplement. It supports cell health, defends against oxidative stress, and contributes to a radiant appearance.

Chromium Mineral Supplements

Aid metabolism with our Chromium supplement. This mineral helps regulate blood sugar levels, promoting sustained energy throughout the day.

Zinc Mineral Supplements

Strengthen your body’s defense with our Zinc supplement. A vital mineral for immune function, it helps keep illnesses at bay and supports overall well-being.

Iron Mineral Supplements

Energize your journey with our Iron supplement. Essential for oxygen transport in the body, it combats fatigue and maintains vitality.

Aligen’s Private Label Mineral Supplements infuse vitality into lives. From bone strength to immune resilience, each supplement narrates a unique health story under your brand, forging a path to holistic well-being.

Custom Mineral Supplements Manufacturing Service

Unleash the potential of your brand with Aligen’s bespoke Custom Mineral Supplement Manufacturing Services. Our distinct approach stands out through:

Tailored Formulations

Craft personalized mineral supplements that align with your brand’s vision and cater to your target audience’s specific health goals.

Comprehensive Variety

Choose from a spectrum of mineral types, allowing you to curate a product line that resonates with your brand identity and customer preferences.

Exceptional Ingredients

Opt for premium-grade minerals that ensure the efficacy and safety of your supplements, aligning with Aligen’s commitment to excellence.

Scientific Ingenuity

Our formulations are rooted in research, marrying scientific advancements with wellness, resulting in supplements that deliver tangible benefits.

Flexible Production

Whether you require small or large batches, our adaptable manufacturing process accommodates your needs while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Branding Brilliance

Aligen empowers your brand with customized labeling, seamlessly integrating your message into each product, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead in the competitive market with Aligen’s strategic insights, ensuring your custom mineral supplements not only meet but exceed expectations.

With Aligen, your brand narrates a story of well-being, where every supplement is a testament to quality, innovation, and your vision.

Why Choose Aligen for Your Private Label Minerals Manufacturing?

Selecting Aligen is selecting top-notch quality, innovation and having a partner who cares about your brand’s success. Here are some reasons why we stand out in these competitive market for private label minerals manufacturing:

Unparalleled Expertise

Aligen brings years of experience, setting us apart as pioneers in crafting exceptional private label mineral supplements.

Customization at Its Best

Tailor your supplements to match your brand’s ethos and your customers’ health needs, ensuring a personalized and impactful product line.

Supreme Quality Assurance

At Aligen, quality is non-negotiable. Our supplements are meticulously formulated, rigorously tested, and meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Scientific Precision

Our formulations are backed by research, combining the latest advancements with health goals, to create safe and effective supplements.

Efficiency in Execution

From formulation to packaging, Aligen streamlines processes, saving you time and resources, all while upholding uncompromised quality.

Diverse Choices

Choose from an array of mineral types, formats, and packaging options, tailoring your product line to resonate with your target audience.

Brand Amplification

Aligen integrates your brand message seamlessly, crafting labels that enhance customer trust and loyalty.

Competitive Edge

With Aligen, you tap into strategic insights, positioning your brand ahead in the competitive wellness market.

Aligen transforms minerals into wellness narratives, making your private label mineral supplements not just meet but exceed expectations. Your brand’s journey to well-being is redefined by science, innovation, and Aligen’s dedication to excellence.

Why choose Aligen?


FDA Registered

Aligen is Registered with the FDA 17498598472

Florida Health

Health Department License

Aligen is licensed with the Florida Health Department License 406414

Good Manufacturing Practice

cGMP Manufacturing Standards

Aligen manufacturers our products under cGMP

Start Your Private Label Minerals Manufacturing Journey with Aligen Today

Join Aligen on a groundbreaking mineral manufacturing journey. Elevate your brand’s wellness offerings with our expert innovation and distinctive solutions.

Start Your Private Label Minerals Manufacturing Journey with Aligen Today

Join Aligen on a groundbreaking mineral manufacturing journey. Elevate your brand’s wellness offerings with our expert innovation and distinctive solutions.


1. Download Our Catalog

Begin by accessing our comprehensive catalog, presenting a wide range of private label mineral supplements. Tailor your selection to resonate with your brand and audience.

Quality Check

2. Pick Your Product

Choose from our diverse mineral formulations, addressing specific health needs. Each product is designed to offer a distinct wellness solution.

Customer Service

3. Get Insight

Our experts provide invaluable insights into product benefits and target demographics, helping you make informed decisions for your brand.


4. Place Order

Streamline your order placement process, bringing your envisioned mineral supplements closer to reality.


5. Make Payment

Securely complete transactions through our trusted payment gateway, ensuring a smooth financial process.


6. Label Design

Infuse your brand’s identity into the mineral supplements with a customized label design. Our team assists in creating captivating labels that resonate with your audience.

Custom Label Supplement

7. Label Design Draft

Approve the label design draft, gaining a visual representation of your final product before production.

Custom Label Supplement

8. Compliance Check

Rest assured that your supplements undergo a comprehensive compliance check, ensuring they meet all regulatory standards.

Delivery and Service

9. Final Step

With compliant designs and approvals in place, your private label mineral supplements are ready for production. Witness your brand’s narrative of well-being materialize through Aligen’s dedication to quality.

Your journey concludes with a successful partnership, delivering exceptional private label minerals that represent your brand’s uniqueness and our commitment to excellence.

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Private Label Mineral Supplements are personalized health products made by one company like Aligen, but sold under another brand. These supplements contain essential minerals vital for the body, targeting specific health needs. They let brands offer customized wellness solutions, building a unique market identity.

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the lowest quantity of private label mineral supplements that Aligen required for production, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficient manufacturing.

Aligen sets competitive MOQs, enabling businesses to access premium private label vitamin supplements without overextending their resources. Contact us for more information.

White label products are ready-made items that are made by one like Aligen, and different companies can put their own label on. Private label products, like Aligen's, are made just for you. You can customize everything – from how they're made to how they look – giving your brand a special, unique product.

It's called a private label mineral because these minerals are specially made for a particular brand and sold under that brand's name. The label with the brand name and information, is private or exclusive for that brand, setting it apart from others.

Of course we do. Aligen offers drop-shipping for private label vitamins. This service allows you to sell our premium supplements without holding inventory. Aligen handles packaging and shipping directly to your customers, streamlining your business operations.