Private Label Echinacea Supplements

Aligen offers the best quality Private Label Echinacea Capsules and White Label Echinacea Capsules. If you are looking to expand your brand, Echinacea has shown to have many health benefits and a great option to provide your customers. Starting with the highest quality Echinacea ingredients, our in-house formulators ensure purity and accuracy. These products are manufactured at our factory that is Health Department Licensed and FDA Registered through cGMP production processes.

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Private Label Echinacea Capsules

Private Label Echinacea Capsules

Private Label Echinacea Capsules

Private Label Echinacea Capsules

The echinacea plant is still in use today as a dietary supplement.  There are nine species of echinacea, but only two of them, Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea angustifolia, are commonly used in supplements. While echinacea supplements are most commonly found in pill form, the plant can also be found in teas, juices, and creams.

Echinacea contains several chemicals that may provide health benefits. Researchers believe that two chemicals in particular, polysaccharides and glycoproteins, boost your body’s immune system. Your immune system helps you fight off germs that cause infection.

Free Customized Label Design
LabelingFree Customized Label Design
Dosing/Capsule500mg Echinacea Extract
Capsule TypeWhite/Vegetation Shell
Bottle Count30, 60 or 90 Capsules
Minimum Order500 Bottles

Private Label | White Label Echinacea
Instant Pricing

Aligen offers high quality and competitive pricing to grow your brand! Having minimums of 500 bottles, our pricing is more competitive with higher volume as you grow. For any Private Label order you will get the following perks:

➔ Customized Label Design

➔ Fast Turn Around (6 weeks)


Private Label Echinacea Capsules are supplements made by Aligen, where we provide complete turn-key products for your brand. These are fully customized with your design specifications.

White Label Echinacea Capsules are the same terminology as Private Label  supplements made by Aligen, where we provide complete turn-key products for your brand. These are fully customized with your design specifications.

It is common that both Private Label and White Label have the same meaning, however interchangeable.  It can be thought that Private Label is a product made and custom packaged for an individual brand, whereas White Label is a product made for a group of different brands.

For certain clients we can arrange to maintain a warehouse storage and drop ship these products directly to your customers!  Please inquire with our team about opportunities.

Depending on the volume and relationship, we have the ability to Drop Ship your products directly to Amazon fulfillment centers.  Please inquire with our team about opportunities.

Yes, supplements are a general term for ingestible products with health benefits, whereas Capsules are the delivery format for intake.

Vitamins is also an interchangeable identifier of supplements in health products and similar to Capsules, Softgels and Gummies.

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FDA Registered

Aligen is Registered with the FDA 17498598472

Florida Health

Health Department License

Aligen is licensed with the Florida Health Department License 406414

Good Manufacturing Practice

cGMP Manufacturing Standards

Aligen manufacturers our products under cGMP

Steps In The Private Label Process

Process Steps

Steps In The Private Label Process


1. Download Our Catalog

Quality Check

2. Pick Your Product

Select your desired product and fill quantity

Customer Service

3. Get Insight

Contact our experienced account support specialists to get more information and valuable product insights


4. Place Order

Provide your order details and delivery requirements


5. Make Payment

Make payment via bank wire or paypal


6. Label Design

Provide your label design notes, preferences, and logo to our customer support team

Custom Label Supplement

7. Label Design Draft

Our complimentary design team will provide your new label draft for your approval

Custom Label Supplement

8. Compliance Check

Your approved label will go through a final compliance review

Delivery and Service

9. Final Step

Once approved, your labels are printed, applied and shipped within only 2 to 3 weeks
(*Average time for stock items)